• Increase range and power
  • Avoid vocal blowout
  • Therapy for damaged voices
    (pre and post surgery)
  • Warm up & warm down routines
  • Preparation for tours and recording
  • 24 hour toll free line for questions

“I tend to work with singers in the same way a sports-trainer works with an athlete. First, the muscles involved with the voice are strengthened and coordinated by exercises which do not interfere with ‘style.’ Second, all additional muscles (the trouble makers) are relaxed. The result is vocal strength and flexibility which allows you to sing from the heart rather than your head.”

— Mark Baxter

Private lessons are available in 3 convenient locations:

All sessions are with Mark —  never an associate.

New York City

131 West 72nd Street
New York, NY

Los Angeles

10852 Burbank Blvd.,
North Hollywood, CA


145 Lynnway
Point of Pines, MA