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True Love?

Hi Mark,

I guess I’m writing to you because it’s so hard to find someone like you to talk to. I feel really weird because all of my vocal and life questions have come to a place where I realize they’re a search for an ideal that I’m trying to meet that never ever arrives…

Screaming Shakespeare

To scream, or not to scream: that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in your mind to obey the standards of culture and pursue a pure tone or unbridle thy passion and let rip a mighty wail. Regardless of which way you lean, it seems nothing draws a line between singers more clearly then the […]

K.I.S.S. In The New Year

Happy 2004 everybody!! I’d like to suggest a slogan for this New Year: K.I.S.S. The acronym stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid.” It’s a great reminder for those of us who love to complicate our lives. It’s also a great way to approach the voice. Ironically, most vocal problems are the result of complications brought […]


David Bowie has a fast one. Mary J. Blige has a slow, sultry, one. Maynard James Keenan doesn’t have a trace of one. Singing with vibrato is a matter of taste. Having a choice is a matter of control. For most singers, the subtle, rhythmical movement of vibrato feels more like fate. When you want […]

How to be a Great Singer

You may have a great voice but that doesn’t make you a great singer. Watch and learn about the single most important thing to focus on when performing. It’s what all great singers have in common.

Rx for Stage Fright

It made the Beatles vomit before their stadium shows. It kept Barbara Streisand from performing for over a decade. I watched it make Steven Tyler pace nervously in his dressing room before a show at the Boston Garden. From butterflies to panic attacks, stage fright is nothing more than a fear of the unknown. How […]